Bride’s Hairstyles – Up-Dos or Down, Straight or Curly?

How do you know what hair style is best for your wedding? The decision will be based on the type of gown you select, whether or not you will wear a head piece, and more importantly, the hair style that makes you feel like a princess whether it’s up or down.

If you already know that an “up-do” isn’t you, then you only need to focus on how your hair looks best when worn down. For some, their hair looks best when just washed; for others, their hair looks best when washed the day before. If you want to experiment with curls, try a few different ideas and put on your gown and head piece. This is the only way you will know for sure. If you want to try an up-do, then make an appointment with a hair dresser and try it out.

Here are some ideas:

  • French twist – twists can be worn high or low; depending on your facial structure; you will know which looks best for you.
  • Cascading curls up-do – this is a beautiful look that can be adorned by a few small flowers or nothing at all. If the curls are elaborate, than nothing more needs to be added?simply add beautiful earrings and a necklace.
  • Crowned up-do – if your hair is long enough, there are many braided designs that can be rolled up and tucked under.
  • Loose, tousled waves – brides like wearing a textured look with highlights?a great look if you want something different from the straight hair look and prefer not to wear an up-do. Ask your hair dresser about the best time to get highlights.
  • Chignon – hair pulled back and formed into a little ball worn at the neck. What a great way to keep your full hair together and top it off with a tiara, a fancy comb or a veil.
  • Glamour look – this style combines two looks; your hair is pulled back and you have strands of hair that frame your face. Today’s look is layered straight hair falling from the bangs and sides. With curly hair, it results in a romantic look.

Anyway you go, remember, you want to look good on your wedding day, but most importantly you want to FEEL good. Pick a style that makes you feel like a star and you will shine like one.