Origins of the Wedding Veil

January 27, 2021

The wedding veil is common among different traditional weddings. It may differ from one wedding to another, but the wedding veil is present in traditional weddings. One of the origins of the wedding veil is said to date back centuries ago when the groom and his friends would throw a blanket over the bride and […]

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Wedding Dresses – Why They Are White & Other Wedding Lore

January 25, 2021

Brides have always worn white, right? Not so. In ancient times brides wore bright colored wedding dresses to signify their joy. White for western brides didn?t become fashionable until Queen Victoria wore it at her wedding to signify her status.? White dresses never did signify purity until the Christian churches put that label on them.? […]

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The History of the White Wedding Dress

January 23, 2021

As a youngster — or perhaps even as an adult — have you ever sat dreamily imagining yourself in a fairytale wedding dress, about to marry your very own Prince Charming? And, what colour is the wedding dress? The chances are it’s a white one. Millions of girls and women that dream of the perfect […]

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Wedding Dresses – How Did It All Begin?

January 21, 2021

Did you ever wonder how the tradition of wearing a wedding dress came about? Wedding dresses have been worn by brides young and old alike for centuries. In modern times almost anything passes for a wedding dress however, in times of old, traditional wedding dresses were flowing gowns usually white in color. White is usually […]

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