Wedding Dress Train Options

The train of your wedding dress depends a lot on the type of wedding you are planning; more formal weddings go well with a longer train than a more casual or outdoor wedding. There are many types of trains available for a bride to be to choose from. Knowing what the different types are can help her in the search for her perfect dress for her wedding.

Sweep Train – The sweep train is a train that just barely sweeps or brushes the floor. It is usually anywhere from 3-6 inches longer than the front hemline of the gown. Another name for this style of train is the brush train, although a brush train can be a little bit shorter than a sweep train. A sweep or brush train dress is well suited for a less formal or outdoor wedding. This style of train makes it much easier for the bride to move around during the reception and doesn’t require repositioning once the bride has come down the aisle.

Court Train – The court style train is usually 3 feet from the waist of the dress and works well for evening weddings and semi-formal weddings. Due to the longer train, this style doesn’t make a practical choice for outdoor weddings held on grass, nor on the beach due to the dress’s train dragging the ground. Because this train extends from the waist rather than extending from the hem of the dress, make sure that you like how you look for the side angle, as it gives a different look than a train that extends from the bottom.

Chapel Train – The chapel style train is the most often chosen style for brides due to the length that is long enough to add some elegance, without overpowering the bride or being too difficult to maneuver. It works well for most types of weddings from formal to more casual although it still may not be the train of choice for an outdoor wedding. Chapel length trains extend 3 ½ to 4 ½ feet from the waist of the dress, similar to the court style train. Dresses with this style of train can either have a detachable train or can be made into a bustle to attach to the wrist of the bride for the reception to make it easier to dance and move around.

Cathedral Train – A cathedral length train lends itself well to much more formal or evening weddings. The train extends 6 to 9 feet from the waist of the dress. It is a dramatic and elegant look that is beautiful to see when a bride is walking down the aisle. Due to the length, the bride will need help arranging her train when she is getting ready to make her way down the aisle, and after the wedding to leave the venue. This style of train needs a veil that has a cathedral length as well to keep the flow of the dress.

Royal Train – This is a train fit for royalty, or for the bride who wants to feel like royalty on her big day. The train of this dress extends 9-12 feet or more from the waist of the dress and can be a lot to manage when moving around. A long veil is also needed for this style of train to match well. With a train this long, it is best to have at least one if not two people helping the bride get the train ready before she makes her way up or down the aisle. They are beautiful and awe-inspiring trains, but a bride who wears a dress with a royal train or monarch train as they are also called, may want to consider having a different dress for the reception if she wants to be able to move around comfortably.

Watteau Train – The Watteau style train is a beautiful choice for outdoor or more casual weddings as well as semi formal or daytime weddings. The train extends from the shoulders or back of the bodice and falls to the floor. The train can stop at the length of the dress itself or extend out a bit longer for a more formal look. This makes a perfect choice for brides who want to do something fancy with their hairstyles, and don’t want it hidden by a veil. It’s not as common a choice, but it can be a beautiful one for the bride looking for something different and classy.

Fishtail Train – The very popular mermaid style wedding dress is the usual style that a fishtail train accentuates well. The fishtail swirls out from the bottom of the dress and can be any length the bride wants. Remember though, that a mermaid style dress already limits motion a bit, so having a fishtail train that is excessively long could hinder movement even more. This style train works well for evening weddings and formal weddings and can add a very dramatic look to the silhouette of the dress.