Wedding Dress Bodice Options

The bodice of a wedding dress covers the part of the body from the neckline to where the skirt starts. There are several different designs of wedding dress bodices, so no matter what your body style or wedding style, there is a bodice style that is sure to please.

Corset – The corset style bodice is very tight and form fitting and can have boning with laces up the back or just the laces and no boning. Even the corset styles with no boning, still have stiffness in the bodice to keep the shape and help shape the body, giving the bride an hourglass figure. The corset style bodice can also help even a more full figured bride have a more defined waist, which makes it a popular choice.

The laces are typically tightened very tight, and some complain that corset style bodices aren’t always the most comfortable styles to wear. That doesn’t stop them from being popular choices among brides though. This bodice style works well with dress styles that have full skirts, but even a more fitted dress can look good with a corset style bodice if it is the right material and design.

Halter – For a bride who wants to show off her arms and shoulders, there is not a more flattering style bodice than the halter. The straps of the dress wrap around the neck and leave the shoulders and arms bare, so for anyone who doesn’t like the arms, this isn’t a good style to choose. The halter bodice works well with almost any design of gown from sleek and formfitting to mermaid to ball gown. The bodice can be tighter or not depending on the bride’s preference, but typically the halter style bodices tend to be more form fitting.

Midriff – A midriff bodice is great for a bride who wants to accentuate her waist. The midriff style fits snugly around the waist of the gown and then flares to the skirt. The bust of a midriff bodice can be different styles as well, but the difference between a midriff bodice and a corset bodice is that, the midriff may only be fitted around the waist and not from neckline to skirt like the corset is. This style works well on dresses with a fuller skirt, which emphasizes the waist even more. A bride who doesn’t want to draw attention to her stomach or waist would not want to choose this style of bodice.

Surplice – The surplice style bodice looks like a wrap that crisscrosses in the front that creates a V neck. The V can be more modest or deeply plunging, depending on what look the bride wants. This style bodice works well with any style of gown, but tends to look better with sleeker, more fitted styles due to the sexier look of the V neckline. A bride with a full bust needs to be aware that this style bodice could show a lot of cleavage if it is not pinned, but if that is a look she is wanting, this style will certainly give it to her.

Tank – The tank style bodice is very much like a tank top, and has no sleeves and wide arm holes. This style bodice works well with flowing dress styles, and more casual weddings and can work with any body type unless the bride doesn’t want her arms to show. The top of the tank bodice, near the neckline, can be sheer or solid material that matches the rest of the dress.